Yellow Ideas

This educational platform aims to support and strengthen the technological pedagogical tools that English teachers have, in order to collaboratively enrich pedagogical practices for the benefit of our students, in an inclusive and interactive way.

The website was created by the Chonchi, Puqueldón and Queilen English Network, in the Chiloé Island. On this site, you can find educational capsules that any English teacher can reuse to adapt them to their group of students.These capsules will appear as the units progress within the curriculum of the subject.


All the material that teachers, parents and students will find on this site, is designed based on the plans and programs of the National Curriculum and the Universal Design of Learning DUA. In this way, we ensure an inclusive and transversal teaching of English as a foreign language in relation to the contents and respect for the learning style of each student.

Network Coordinator: Marcia García García

Pedagogical Leader: Camila Villalobos Meneses


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Did you know? 

The probability of you drinking a glass of water that contains a molecule of water that also passed through a dinosaur is almost 100%

Dear teacher, if you want to participate as a guest of our network, you are welcome to contact us.

A good teacher never stop learning.